About US

Mission and Goals

At GlamShe & Co., we are a group of educated and highly skilled professionals who promote healthy hair. It is our mission to always provide a friendly and personalized service for each client through our team of highly skilled and creative professionals.

While combining our expertise and knowledge, we will educate our clients and each other to achieve great hair.

 Our goal is to not only help each client look their best but to make them feel good about the service they receive.


Core Values

Learning and Growing: There is absolutely no end to knowledge. We believe through constant learning we gain inspiration and excitement which promotes growth and confidence.

Teamwork: We believe teamwork is a combined effort to support individual strengths while achieving collective goals.

Integrity and Honesty: Integrity is being truthful with yourself and honesty is being truthful with others. We believe honesty and integrity builds secure relationships within our team and clients.

Creativity: Creativeness is not seeing things for what they are, its seeing things for what they can be. We believe that creativity fosters our passion and individuality.

Outstanding Service: We believe that consistent customer service builds strong, lasting relationships and connections with our clients.

Community Involvement: We are inspired to meet the needs of our community with compassion, grace and open hearts.

Fun: We believe in having humor, fun and laughter in our daily work. We will always have fun and enjoy our career.

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