Elevate your look with throwback styles and colorful fashion accents

Although the pandemic has kept us home more than ever before, we still have to rock our style and keep shining on the inside and out. Spring is a time to refresh our looks and warm up our hearts with something brand new. Take a look at some very important fashion trends that you can incorporate into your look. Just remember, be you babe!

1. Black Face Masks: Masks will be around for a while longer so make protecting yourself and others a fun fashion statement. Black is always a fashionista's best friend so here are a few ways to rock a black face mask. Since your nose, mouth, and much of your face are covered, elevate your eye makeup. Make sure you wear mascara, define those brows, add a touch of color or glitter for special occasions. Embellish your black mask with your monogram or stick-on gems to coordinate with your earrings and other jewelry.

2. Big Shoulder Pads: Maybe you're too young to remember the hit show, Dynasty where the style was big, bold shoulder pads. They're back this spring and in a beautiful more subtle way. Create a long line look by wearing a boyfriend-inspired coat with super straight slacks or better yet uber short shorties. Think color combos of charcoal gray, neutrals, and pretty powder blue and pink. Pair with white sneaker or chunky platform heel to finish your 80's inspired look.

3. Head Scarfs: Spring 2021 is a year full of throwbacks. This trend is a nod to the '50s and '60s when every celebrity was beautifully adorned with a colorful and chic headscarf. They serve double duty in today's fashion world. Headscarves will protect your hair from the sun's harmful rays and make you look awesome at the same time. Opt for solid colors to coordinate with your outfit (and mask) or go big and bold with colors, shapes, and blocked letters. If you're not comfortable with the headscarf scene, loosely wrap one around your neck or tie one to your handbag.

4. Yellow Handbags: Speaking of handbags, yellow is the color of the season and is seen both on the runway and the city streets. It's cheerful, carefree and brightens up any outfit after a long, cold winter. There are many shades of yellow from bright and sunny to deeper mustard tones. Whatever your taste and style, add a yellow bag to your collection and make your outfit sizzle for spring and summer.

5. Blue, Blue, Blue: Blue accessories are all the rage. Handbags, scarves, jewelry, and hats are hitting the fashion design street in full force. There are many ways you can make this blue for your trend work. How about a blue scarf hanging from your yellow handbag. Pop on a blue tank top with some white pants, or top off an outfit with a blue bucket hat or baseball cap. We haven't even mentioned oversized blue earrings or layered necklaces. Blue cowboy boots would add a nice kick to any outfit.

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