Hair Color Trends To Work Your Style

Our hair is our crowning glory, and if we have a good hair day everything else falls into place. It's part of our personality, our style so why not make it as colorful as we can? The last few years have opened the fashion hair color door. That's right any color of the rainbow you want and girl, color looks good on you! And if we can't pick just one, we can go for multiple colors, including as many as the color wheel if that's how we roll. Live in the present, live colorfully, and wear your hair color like a crown.

Some fashionistas take the plunge and take their color choices to the next brave level Others decide to color one braid, or their bangs or just their roots for a more subtle, less is more look. Take a look at some of the hair color trends here for your glam squad style.

Light Brown: Keep it real with your own hair color but better. Timeless and true, light brown elevates any skin tone, highlights all eye colors, and offers a professional flair perfect for Zoom meetings and virtual conferences. Trend watchers are loving shades of darker browns at the base of the neckline and going lighter and lighter moving towards the very ends.

Red Hot Red: The big city runways are fired up and full of creative hair colors, offering a street sense style. Redheads are bold, beautiful, and daring but you don't have to be a natural anymore. This hot color stands out dominating the style scene and the bottom line is red and red hot. Stylists are even calling red the beautiful basic hair color of the year. To each, her own from a touch of rich auburn highlights to an allover eye-popping bright red makeover.

Blonde: Blondes have more fun, is so true. And no matter what the color of your skin, hair, or eyes, or whether you choose lowlights or highlights, this fashion trend is fun and flirty. Fashion-forward guys and gals will even frost for cool, contrasting tones, including, peach, platinum, beige, or even the whitest white. It's like a nod to the blonde bombshells of the '50s like Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, and Grace Kelly only better!

Multi Colors: Ok, this trend is one to celebrate the trials and tribulations of 2020 and showcase your enthusiastic, glass half full personality. From just rainbowing your roots, two or three braids to an allover rainbow halo, take this out of the ordinary moment in time to catch the rainbow and color your world!

Blackest Black: Rock and roll, goth, Kardashian inspo, or just because you like a sleek, classic, one shade look, black is the "it" chic color for all skin tones. Just like basic black is our go-to in our closets, jet black hair is a go-to, too. After all, sleek, shiny, and sexy black hair is always a look that is good on you, whether it is temporary or your forever signature color.

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