The Different Reasons For Hair Loss In Women

One of the main advantages of traditional wigs is that they are undetectable. Those who buy and use these revolutionary wigs can lead an absolutely normal life without any problem. They can sweat. They can play sports and they can be intimate. In addition, in no case can it be identified that you are wearing a wig. At least as long as it is a quality wig and has been placed in an optimal way and installed properly.

The Reasons

Women, especially, wear wigs for various reasons. It could be due to alopecia or hair loss because of cancer or other medical conditions. It could be normal loss of hair or to give your hair a break from the use of chemicals. Wearing a wig also means that you have a protective hairstyle. This gives your own hair time to grow and flourish. However, while you wear a protective hairstyle, you should still take care of your own hair. Hair loss and hair regrowth is a natural process. In normal situations, we lose an average of 100 hairs per day. However, when this normal hair loss increases, it is known as alopecia. This disease affects men more often but women also suffer from it.

Different Types of Alopecia

There are different types of alopecia depending on its cause and its manifestation. Identifying the cause of the problem is essential for its treatment. It is recommended that you go to a dermatologist whenever you detect abnormal hair loss. To give you a little insight into this disease, below is a summary of the most common types of alopecia:

Diffuse alopecia: it is the abnormal hair loss within the life cycle of the hair. That is, an increase in the telogen effluvium phase in which the hair falls. This type of alopecia is quite common in women. Although this can have a negative impact on the person suffering from it, this disease is usually reversible once the cause is eliminated. The causes for this imbalance are stress, childbirth, unbalanced diets or medication. Most women wear wigs to hide their alopecia.

Androgenic alopecia: it is the loss of strength and density of the hair due to hormonal causes. This type of alopecia is usually suffered by some women after menopause. Although it does not usually cause total baldness, it decreases the density and thickness of the hair. Women can lose their self-esteem as a result and getting older with hair loss makes it even worse. For that reason, women opt for different types of wigs to gain back their confidence.

Scarring alopecia: it is the appearance of fibrous scar tissue in the area of the hair follicles that prevents normal hair growth. This disease can be congenital. Some possible causes are: burns, surgeries and autoimmune conditions.

Emotional Implications

Women suffering from alopecia not only have to cope with the disease, but they also encounter difficulty in society. The lack of visibility of female alopecia causes patients to suffer social stigma. Publicizing this disease, answering questions and breaking gender stereotypes is important and positive for people who suffer from this disease. The fact that women have the option of wearing wigs makes it easier to bear this condition. Glam She and Co. offers various types of wigs and bundles you can choose from.

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