Tips For Enhancing Your Beautiful Eyes

Since masks have become an everyday part of our overall style, and most of our face is covered, it's important to enhance the one feature that still shines through...your beautiful eyes, babe. Some say your eyes are the mirrors to your soul. That said, it's time for your baby blues, beautiful browns, ravishing greens, and hell yeah hazels to take the lead in your fashion-forward style. Here are some tips for enhancing your beautiful eyes.

Get Some Shut-Eye: Come on, sleeping beauty, you know that you have to get your shut-eye for so many reasons. Keeping your eyes bright and fresh is one of the biggest. Yes, yes we know you can use eye drops if you pull an occasional all-nighter, but make a commitment to yourself to sleep baby sleep. It's the key to keeping us looking and feeling our best.

Bring on the Brow Power: Your eyebrows are like frames that fill your eyes with personality. Use a brow product specifically for your hair and complexion color. Too dark of a brow will age you and take away from your natural beauty. Too light of a brow will make you look pale and washed out. If you are blessed with thick, lush brows, tame them with tweezers and brow gel. If you have sparse brows, fill them in the blanks with natural color and extend the line for a dramatic, defined look.

Line Up With Eyeliner: Eyeliner is having a big moment right now so take the leap and define your look with liner. Black is for fashionistas who want to create a major statement. Lighter shades of black, blue, and brown will also enhance any eye color and wake up your look with style. Experiment with liner, take a selfie or two, and compare to see what makes you look like an eyeliner pro. You go, girl!

So Long Dark Circles: Many of us have dark circles under our eyes and imperfections throughout our faces. It's only natural, but you can erase them all away with concealer products. Dab some under the eyes and gently smooth in to instantly refresh your entire look. Tap a small amount into the corner of each eye and see how quickly your look goes from blah to ba boom!

Lash Out Your Eyelashes: Do you know that your eyelashes are one of the most important beauty secrets of your overall look? Mascara is the key to lengthening and bringing out your lovely lashes to play. Some super serious makeup gurus go all the way and wear falsies to take their look to the next fashionista level. But for the rest of us, a simple tube of brown, black or blue mascara will do the trick.

Eye Shadow Color and Texture: Neutral eye shadow highlights your eyes with natural effects. Add drama and dimension by layering multiple nude tones, some matte and some that shimmer. Lighter tones go under the brow, while deeper tones go into the crease and liner level. Fabulous!

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