Tips on How to Prepare for Wig Application

Your appointment has been set. You can’t wait to head over to your stylist so you can get a fresh wig on your own head. You know what you want, the specific style to get. You’re so ready for this makeover. Or are you?

Putting on a proper wig is not always as simple as throwing it on top of your head and then making adjustments so it will fit your face. Especially if you intend to wear it for long periods of time, it’s best that you seek the help of professional stylists. Not only can they help ensure that you come out of your appointment looking great, but that your real hair and scalp are in good condition too.

Wash Your Natural Hair

So first things first: was your natural hair. Get it cleaned thoroughly. Remember that your natural hair will be suppressed under the wig for a while, so you’d want it fresh and clean before adding anything else on it.

Apart from general hygiene (imagine the bacteria and sweat build-up that’s going to be trapped underneath the wig!), this step is also very important for scalp care. In case you didn’t know, your scalp also has a pH level. Having the wig cap and the wig itself on can impact your scalp’s pH level, especially if it’s not constructed with the right breathability. This can then lead to dryness and flaky dandruff, which, when you’re wearing a wig are the last things you’d want to have on your head too.

Get Braided

After that, it’s time to get braiding. Having your hair braided for wig prep helps to make the application easier because everything is in place. More importantly, however, braiding helps prevent matting. With this, it’s easier to keep your wig looking like it’s natural hair.

In case you’re worried about your hair being damaged while wearing the wig, having them in braids is also a great way to protect them from snags and tangles. So when you take off that wig finally, it will also come off much easier.

Wig Maintenance

Once your stylist has applied the wig on your head, keep in mind that you still need to wash and clean it for maintenance. This is especially important if you have actual human hair for a wig. Just because it’s sitting on top of your head doesn’t mean it doesn’t require any TLC anymore.

For wig cleansing, use shampoo and conditioner as you usually would. Ideally, you should also cleanse your wig with light oils, such as argan, to keep it looking bright and bouncy with moisture locked in.

With these tips, you can have much more fun getting that wig on. Your stylist can also help you further with more guidance on wig care and what to do in case it needs to be redone.

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